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Hello and welcome to the new “Let’s talk about HIT” blog managed by IPeople. We are happy to be bringing you a space to find the latest & greatest thoughts in Health IT  – from industry insight, integration, and cool product/service updates to tips and tricks for those challenging techy problems.

Of course, we’d love getting your feedback on the posts and what you want to see discussed in the future. So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/colleague, follow our bloggers on Twitter, and let’s talk about HIT.

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Jenny Blue

Jenny Blue

CEO at IPeople
Jenny Blue is co-founder and CEO of Interface People, LP and Consultant People, LP, which operate in a total of 48 US States, England, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa. In her role, Mrs. Blue provides leadership and vision to the company with the ultimate goal of improving patient care through technology. With over 16 years of experience in the programming and healthcare industries, her strong background provides solid direction to all departments, and sets the pace for outstanding innovation as IPeople continues to address the growing challenges and objectives in healthcare.
Jenny Blue

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