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Just finished reading a short book called Kanban and Scrum – Making the Most of Both by Henrik Kniberg and Mattias Skarin. The books works on several levels. First, it’s a quick read that gives an overview of both Scrum and Kanban. The overview is organized well by explaining both similarities and differences between Kanban and Scrum. At IPeople, the question of what is the difference between both and how they do work with each other has been asked several times in meetings. This book does a great job of answering those questions. Second, the last section of the book is a case study of a Kanban rollout at the operations level. It’s again a great review for IPeople because it deals with the same operations environment that IPeople has, where development teams use Scrum and the operations use Kanban including our MEDITECH Integration Services Department. Beware, the book is not on Kindle and it took me a while to figure out how to turn a page!
One last interesting point. On page 81 the teams implementing Kanban pushed their impediment issues into a queue where the Managers would pull work while having a WIP limit of two. This created an environment where the teams asked the Managers “how is it going?” in regards to impediments. I like that!
Henrik Kniberg
Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both (Enterprise Software Development)

Gary Armfield

Gary Armfield

Gary has worked in the MEDITECH industry the majority of his professional career. His extensive knowledge of MEDITECH’s architecture and data structures, in combination with that of SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C++, messaging protocols and TCP/IP has provided the MEDITECH community with turnkey solutions for better data management for MEDITECH sites. Among his many accomplishments, Gary has successfully overseen the development of IPeople Direct -ODBC for MEDITECH, IPeople Echo- web based data repository builder, windows-based and Magic-based application, interface systems including a GUI based hierarchal data interface engine, enterprise-wide data warehousing system, master patient index system, and HL7 client/server interfaces.
Favorite technology: The IPeople Data Engine.
Gary Armfield

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