Techie Tuesday: Using MEDITECH to Save Time

Are you spending hours creating custom reports?  This Techie Tuesday post continues  the series: How to Turn the 5 Things You Hate About NPR Report Writing into the 5 Things You Love. Here’s a list of available MEDITECH programs that might save you some time.


Z Fields/Programs

Every MIS system contains Z DPM. This DPM was created by MEDITECH to store common programs and data fields which can be accessed by any custom report.


Converts a date in internal form to julian form A = Date in YYYYMMDD format (20030420) = 03110
Converts internal dates into external formats A = Date in YYYYMMDD format (20030420) =04/20/03
Subtracts second date from the first date and returns the number of days between the two A = Later date in internal format
B = Earlier date in internal format (20030420,20030402) = 18
Formats a date in text format A = date in internal or external format
B = format indicator (M,N,n,D,d,Y,y)
Capital letter means long form; lower case letter means abbreviated form
C = “I” to print month with initial capital only; “A” to print month with all caps
(20130420,”M D,Y”,”I”)
= April 20, 2013
(20130420,”M d,y”,”A”)
= APRIL 20, 13
(20130420,”m D, Y”,”I”)
= Apr 20, 2013
= 20APR97
= 04/20/13
Takes A as <lastname,rest> and returns A = Name in <lastname,rest of name> format (“SMITH,BOB JR”) = “BOB SMITH JR”
Used to zero fill a number A = Number to zero fill
B = length of resulting field
C = Number of implied decimal points
= 0012356
= 0000124
= -012356

Standard Programs

Syntax: MIS.SCREEN.print(A,B,C,D)

Description: Print entire CDS with prompts and responses


A=mnemonic of screen


C=Strip blank lines

D=Left Margin

Example: Regular ADM CDS



Syntax: LAB.L.SPEC.result.lines(A,B,C,D)

Description: Prints lab results


A=specimen urn

B=LIS Report Format

C=Confidential Check

D=Queued Range of tests to print (Default = ALL)

Other Programs:

LAB.B.SPEC.result.lines, LAB.M.SPEC.result.lines, LAB.P.SPEC.result.lines


Syntax: PHA.MAR.allergies(A,B,C,D,E,F)

Description: Builds an array of patient allergies



B=Max line length

C=Structure for allergies (Default = ^MV[“AL”])

D=Field number in MV for allergies

E=Structure for ADR’s (Default = /MV[“AD”])

F=Field number for ADRs



Description: Returns the status date from BAR


A=patient urn from BAR (account)



Description: Returns the patient status from Admissions


A=patient urn from BAR (account)


Syntax: BAR.PAT.necessity.check(A,B,C,D)

Description: Performs a medical necessity check for the specified procedure code and diagnosis code



B=Procedure Mnemonic

C=Diagnosis Code

D=Service Date

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Jenny Blue

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