Some guy named Russell

I have made a discovery over the past few months. A discovery that I have always taken for granted, but affects tons of people. A discovery that affects hundreds of thousands of people 24/7/365. I only noticed it because of the NFL and my families love of sports. My wife is a nurse. She is a new nurse, but from my biased perspective, an always learning and amazing one. You know, the type that you want working on and with you. You want her with you when you fall asleep and when you wake up. I know this because that’s when I want her near me too. She works crazy hours. To speak like a youngster, OH EM GEE those hours are cray! My attempts at supporting her are echoed by husbands and wives across the world daily, in hopes that they understand how much we respect and appreciate them. My wife has a drive that is unbearable in DFW traffic, but when she gets home, the radiant smile on her face is only rivaled by our 2 kids when they see her. I bring this all up for a few reasons.


I have my weekends, I have my nights off, and I have me time. I have the NFL, the MLS, and a growing list of ESPN channels that, because of technology, I can watch at any time I want. She has an alarm clock that goes off at hours that my REM doesn’t acknowledge, a map on her phone that shows red traffic like the veins on the CVICU patients she cares so deeply for, and a family that relies on her for more things than she will ever understand. She also loves her Seattle Seahawks and some guy named Russell Wilson.



I know a nurse that had a 10 minute drive home from the hospital and couldn’t stay awake. Do you know how little patience some patients have? When the internet goes out at home, I curl up on an old dog bed and cry. They continue saving lives. They continue to make a difference. A nurse might not ever miss an appointment because of their schedule, but they will miss dinners with the family and hate it. A nurse might not ever think twice about wrapping an infectious wound on a day off, but will wonder when they will see their friends or have a date night ever again. I think it is time to not just celebrate, but acknowledge what these selfless people do for us every single day, of every single week, of every single year! Not just for their husbands or wives. Not just for friends and family. But for all of us! These shifts are long and they take a lot out of everyone. These shifts are hectic and stressful (you know how I feel about stress). She is my favorite nurse and I hope that everyone can say that about a nurse. They deserve to know that WE understand their mission. WE understand that they don’t choose to be nurses, nursing chooses them. They don’t become nurses, nursing becomes them and WE support them for that. WE are lucky to have a person that puts themselves before others without hesitation. THEY deserve to know that we respect them. THEY deserve to know that we care. THEY deserve to sleep. And THEY deserve to get to watch some guy named Russell Wilson and her Seahawks beat my Dallas Cowboys because #thisnurselovesthehawks.

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