2 Ways to Win! New Release of IPeople Direct 7.3 and IPeople Scout 7.3!

It’s a WIN – WIN situation!

IPeople has been an industry leader when it comes to removing barriers for users needing to access MEDITECH data.  We are excited to announce two new software releases.

  • IPeople Direct 7.3
  • IPeople Scout 7.3

So.. what do you have to do to WIN?

WIN #1 – Upgrade to IPeople Direct 7.3 for a WIN in performance and expanded data access!

If you are currently using IPeople Direct, consider upgrading to the newly released IPeople Direct 7.3.  Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Enhanced Auto Recovery
  • Increased Stability
  • Explore Your MEDITECH DR Data (Search and View)
  • Enhanced Table Viewer Features (Search, Export, Table/Column Aliasing, Notes)
  • Enhanced MEDITECH M-AT Support
  • New Ability to Access Epic Data (Possible Migration in Your Future?)
  • Access Multiple Data Sources with IPeople Direct 7.3

WIN #2 – Enter Blogging Contest for a chance to WIN IPeople Scout 7.3!

We are always looking for ways to improve and to get your feedback on the needs of your organization.  So, to make this a bit more fun, IPeople will award one blogger with IPeople Scout 7.3 at no cost!

IPeople Scout 7.3 is Table Viewer on steroids!

  • Incredible Search Functionality
  • Crosswalk Data from MEDITECH to MEDITECH DR
  • Build Queries
  • Build Grids
  • Create Reports
  • Tag Tables, Columns and more….

So what do you need to do to win?   This is the easy part!  Just enter in comments at the bottom of this blog describing how you are currently using the IPeople Direct solution.  Let this be your time to show off a little or brag on how you use IPeople Direct to create new and innovative solutions for a problem your organization had.  The content is up to you.  I’ve seen some great solutions by many organizations using IPeople Direct and would love to see everyone share what they have done and hopefully inspire others to create some new data solutions.

As always…. please feel free to contact me:

  • Blog Comments
  • Email: Roy.Coutts@IPeople.com
  • Twitter: @RoyCoutts_IP
  • Phone: 855-424-1125 Ext. 233

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Roy Coutts, CSPO is a Certified Scrum Product Owner of Data Access for IPeople.



Roy Coutts
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Roy Coutts

Certified Scrum Product Owner at Interface People, LP
Roy Coutts
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