Performing in the Clutch

golf-881382_1280I LOVE HATE LOVE golf. I love playing, practicing, and watching golf. Last night I was watching the Golf Channel and a preview for an upcoming episode of a talk show was advertised. In the upcoming episode, the host is going to interview the “Big 3”. The Big 3 are Rory McIroy, Jordan Spieth, and Jason Day. They are young, skinny, hit the ball a mile, and have great short games (of which I have neither). No one can argue the talent and charisma these 3 possess. They really are a marketers dream.

When I saw this, however, I couldn’t help but ask, “but what about Dustin Johnson?”. For those of you who are not familiar with Dustin, he is young, skinny, hits the ball 2 miles, and, at times, has a questionable short game. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Mr. Johnson has pocketed 3.4 MILLION dollars in the last 3 weeks. If it were me, you can be one of the “Big 3”, I’m putting my “Big 3” in the bank.

Where am I going with this? Reputation is great, but it does not pay the bills. DELIVERING when you HAVE TO DELIVER is what pays the bills. Dustin was able to perform in crunch time – members of the big three broke down.

Whenever your HCIS goes down (planned or non-planned) you need to be able to DELIVER care to your patients. Your reputation will not get you through a very frustrating downtime. Which leads me to my next question. Are your hospital’s needs being met by your current downtime solution and/or strategy? Now let me ask even a better question, are your PATIENTS’ needs being met by your current solution.

As a software vendor it is very easy for me to tell you what your downtime needs are. I may have some idea, but truth is I don’t really know. There is only one way for me to know and that is to ask. So, I’M ASKING.

This blog has been created for me so that I can make sure that IPeople is building a downtime solution that meets REAL needs – not perceived needs. As a Product Owner I realize that regardless of how “cool” and “innovative” my solution may be; if it doesn’t address real needs, it is USELESS.

So please use this as a forum to communicate with me (and each other) about your pain points, needs, and experiences that you have and let’s find a solution.

Wes Wagner

Wes Wagner

Certified Scrum Product Owner at Interface People, LP
Hard to believe I've been in the IT arena for almost 25 years (15 HealthIT).I love to talk about all things HealthIT and Scrum/Agile (and Dallas Stars Hockey).I am looking forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you in the days ahead.
Wes Wagner

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